Single Christian Women and the Church

In today's lifestyle there are several reasons why women are either single by choice, single again or widowed at a young age. Many of these women are struggling to live a Christian life and they have the forces of the world beating them down daily. Economics make up a large portion of problems for single parents. Loneliness is faced daily. Work obligations enter into the lives of the parent and the children and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Then there is the ever problem of living a life where God calls for purity in our life in all areas.
The single life gives us a unique time and opportunity to work on our own personal self, develop a variety of relationships and a variety of ways that we can serve in the church. However, single women particularly, face a "stigma" in the church. Since "people will be people"; this will likely never change. Single women must constantly take care of their behavior, their dress, their associations and every word that is spoken from their mouth if they are to live a separated life and maintain respectability. God's word tells us that a good reputation is worth more than fine jewels. It is priceless yet it is constant maintenance and dedication to achieve.
Many churches offer their own single groups for Sunday School and fellowship. The success of these groups in accomplishing the job of ministering and discipleship of the single woman is often the success or failure of a godly leader. Often it is difficult to find such a leader, due to the complications and time that a singles ministry requires. Ideally a good group is headed by an older married couple who stand together in responsibility of the singles.
Christian women must often stand alone in the church, maintaining a reputation of a godly life. "Dating around", friendships with married men and not having a quiet spirit can be deadly to the reputation of a single Christian woman.
Our culture often puts the single Christian woman in the fire. However, single or married, we all have the same heavenly Father, the same offer of salvation and the same love from Jesus.
The dedication of ourselves to children and family, if they are in a woman's life is a wonderful basic. The dedication of a Christian woman to a ministry for God will fulfill and sustain as He is molding the woman's life for the future.
Any friendship or dating relationship must be viewed as a possible potential mate and special care must be taken to slowly build and nurture it. Both parties must first have their eyes on the Lord and die to self as far as temptations or the desire to move ahead too quickly.
There are many challenges and victories to the life of a single Christian woman. The opportunity for growth can reach mountain-top peak level or it can bring you into a valley so deep you are tempted to just follow the world and give it up. A godly life is worth the struggle and will be the example for your children as they struggle in a broken family. It is a matter of giving and trusting in God to deliver you up to that mountain-top where the rewards will be worth it.
Suzan Gauthier


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