Stale Relationship? Check In with Your Mate

Too often couples get so comfortable with one another over time that they don't bother to reconnect with one another like they did during the early stages of their relationship. Remember when you use to ask your mate questions like: "So what are you thinking?" when he looked off into space or stared intensely at you. What about questions such as: "What would you like to do together? Is there anything I am doing that you aren't pleased with honey?" Your mate didn't hesitate to share his or her feelings.

These days it is automatically assumed that a lover knows what his or her mate is feeling and that can be dangerous for any relationship. People change so it doesn't hurt to check in with your mate. Look for the following: signs your mate's feelings has changed toward you, future plans have been rearranged, and certain interests are abandoned now compared to what he or she use to do when you first started dating.

When you take time, at least once a month, to have a heartfelt discussion with your mate about relationship related things, it can help with any insecure feelings, inner conflict or something else that may be bothering you or your mate.

Use those idle moments to also discuss health issues, parenting problems, and challenges with relatives or friends. Encourage your mate to contribute to the discussion by asking, "What would you do" type of questions.

Prevent unnecessary conflicts in the future by getting in tune with your mate today!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Laboring to Love Myself and When Mothers Cry

Checking in with your mate can bring some life to an otherwise stale relationship.


Great advice to solving this problem
on short term relationship
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great piece of advice really helpful to handle the problem of relationship

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