The Best Way To Kiss - Here Are 3 Of The Best Kisses For 3 Specific Situations

People often want to know what the best way to kiss is. This is a common instinct. We generally want some type of formula or recipe that tells us how to get the best result every single time, no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunate...) life rarely works out that way. There is really no single method that will work in every situation, and kissing is no exception.
So, what is the best way to kiss? Well, that depends on your partner and the situation at hand. With experience you will learn when to perform different types of kisses, but for now, here are three of the best to use at particular times.
Let us say that you have had a date with someone you have never kissed before. You have been waiting all night for that first kiss, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself. Now you are dropping your date off at their house, and you think you see your chance.
The goodnight kiss. It is the perfect time, right? Wrong. If you have not previously achieved the level of intimacy necessary to begin kissing, now is not the time. You may very well have a good shot at getting a goodbye kiss, but there is also a forced, awkward nature to the situation. At this point it would be better to surprise your date by just shaking their hand, hugging them, or giving a quick peck on the cheek. The best way to kiss is sometimes to not kiss.
Now, suppose in our previous scenario (a first date) you do manage to begin kissing. What is the best way to kiss on a first date?
Generally, you want to stick with light kisses and shallow French kissing. This is a sensual, almost playful way to kiss that will gradually build excitement in your partner. Stay away from shoving your tongue into their mouth. This can be a bit invasive for a first date, and may turn off your partner before you even really get started. The best way to kiss on a first date is to keep it light, and to mix in some brief eye contact.
Once you have established a relationship with someone, waking up with them in the morning can be one of the most intimate times of the day. While you are both still a bit dreamy is a great time to be affectionate. What is the best way to kiss for some early morning fun? As romantic as this time is, you do not want to spoil it with morning breath. The best way to kiss here is to stay around your partner's sensitive neck, collar bone, and ear area. Also try some light kisses to the face. If your breath is truly horrendous, you may want to simply go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. As with most skills in life, there is no one-size-fits-all application.
Kissing takes place in many different environments and with many different people. Staying aware and learning from mistakes is the most effective way to learn the best way to kiss.
by Karina Sinclair


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