How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend

If you are sure you want to breakup with your boyfriend then there are a few things that you need to do in order to make it easier on you and less painful on him.

Many guys will think they need to keep trying to win you back after you have broken up with them and they don't fully understand the reason that you broke up with them in the first place, but you do, and you have to remember those reasons no matter what they say or do, unless of course they can rectify them.

So with that in mind you will also know that giving them any sense of false hope is not only teasing them it is making them try harder to win you back which you ultimately don't want.

First when you breakup with them give them clear reasons why you are doing so. Tell them the truth. Whether it's that they don't understand you or you feel they don't treat you right, tell them. They may not get it, otherwise they would have been treating you good all along, but at least you've said it as clearly as you can possibly say it. You've done your part.

Secondly, act firmly on your decision. Do not wavier in your decision when they say "I can change!" Just stay true to your feelings that brought you here in the first place. If you show any sign of weighing your options your guy will quickly follow up with another automatic sentence to try to make you change your mind.

Lastly, after the breakup, avoid him for a while. If you have too much contact after the breakup he will not be able to fully deal with and get over his feelings for you because he will see you and the fact that you are moving on and he will instinctively want to do what he can to make that not happen.

The other reason that you need space after a breakup is because if he does pull out every trick up his sleeve you may eventually fall for one of them and end up back in a relationship with him.

Chances are that once you get back together you will have a few good weeks that make you think you made the right decision and then you will fall into the same old relationship you had before.

This is because he will be on his best behaviour during those few weeks doing everything he thinks will please you so that you will be caught in his trap again. Then once he realizes that your relationship is solid again he will fall back into old ways unless he has actively gone out and put effort into changing.

When breaking up with your boyfriend remember to be honest, straightforward, and committed to the breakup.

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