Husband Threatens To Leave To Avoid Communication With Wife - 5 Tips for the Wife

For the majority of couples, a new marriage starts off fairly smoothly. Sure, there are some hiccups here and there, but for the most part things are good. The couple finds pleasure in doing the simple things together, like setting up a household, spending time together, and maybe even making plans for having kids of their own one day.

In almost every marriage, there will naturally come times when things do not go quite so smoothly. These rough patches may start after a few months or a few years, but they will most likely start at some point for every married couple. This is just part of married life.

In the healthiest of marriages, the couple learns to find ways to work things out between themselves. Even a good argument now and then is a sign that things are going well. It is a sign of health when a couple can discuss, debate and even argue once in a while as a way to settle their differences.

In fact, it is precisely when a couple fails to communicate that the problems really get serious. If you are married to a man who shuns any type of healthy communication about anything that matters in your marriage, you are no doubt experiencing a lot of anxiety and frustration regarding the situation.

When a husband threatens to leave in order to avoid communication with his wife, here are 5 tips for the wife:

1. Recognize that your husband is dealing with some serious personal issues:

For a man to threaten to leave whenever the prospect of communicating with his wife raises its head, that is a sign that he has some very serious personal (or interpersonal) issues that he needs to address. This is just unhealthy behavior, plain and simple. Understand that this is mainly his problem, not yours.

2. Write out for yourself your feelings about your husband and your marriage:

Still, since his failure to communicate with you causes you unhappiness, his problem has become your problem, too. The healthiest thing for you to do is to keep a journal of how his actions and (lack of) communication makes you feel. Don't hold back as you write; this is your own, personal journal meant for your eyes only.

3. Decide how committed you are to staying in the marriage:

It can be a scary thought to even consider the idea of separating from or divorcing your husband. But, it is healthy for you to consider all of your options. Do you still love your husband deep down - and do you want to stay in the marriage with him?

4. Set up a special time to talk with him:

Now that you have explored and processed some of your own feelings about his behavior and what you want out of life, it is time to have a special talk with your husband. Do not just bring it up to him at what seems like the right moment - or you risk him having his usual negative reaction. Instead, set aside a special time like a date night or special dinner at home. Let him know you have something important to talk about with him.

5. Work on a plan to get your marriage back on track:

If you can at least get your husband to understand that his reluctance to have meaningful communication is a serious issue that deserves attention, you are on the right track. If not, you may have to seriously consider whether it makes sense to stay in the marriage.

Consider these 5 tips as you figure out what to do next when your husband threatens to leave to avoid communication with you. Then, if the marriage is worth saving, you need to put together a plan to make things better between the two of you.

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