Dating Mistakes to Avoid - Why Your Girlfriend Left You and How You Can Win Her Back

Has this ever happened to you?
You believe you've found the girl of your dreams. She's beautiful, intelligent and you both gel together remarkably well. You've introduced her to your family and friends and they like her. She's introduced you to her family and friends and they like you too.
Simply put, she's the ONE.
You treat her like a pure diamond rock found in the mountains of Sierra Leone. It's apparent to everyone that you really care for her.
Then all of a sudden things begin to change.
She no longer seems excited to go out on dates with you. While you used to have rich and fun hour long conversations with her in the past, you now struggle to keep her attention for 5 minutes. Then it finally happens. She calls you up and says she doesn't love you and she's started seeing someone else.
What happened, you ask. I thought she was meant to be the one.
Many guys have been in the same boat as you and have asked the same question. The answer to your dilemma lies in the fact that you flushed out the "attraction Juice" from your relationship. When a woman is no longer attracted to you, it can spell the end of a once vibrant relationship.
Are you making any of these 4 mistakes that could potentially cause your girlfriend to find another?
1. Regularly Declaring your Love
A woman wants a man and not a kid who cannot stand to be separated from his puppy dog. Declaring your love over and over again will cheapen the very thing you're trying to express to her.
2. Calling her too often
While you might have great intentions, this will come across as you being too needy and wanting her attention. Just remember that absence does make the heart grow fonder so easy with the phone calls.
3. Making her the Boss
What do you think when you see guys who answer to their woman's every beck and call? Wimps, right? Of course! Now a woman wants a strong man who is confident and able to stand his ground. If you cannot stand your ground against her, then what should make her think you'll be able to stand your ground against anyone or anything?
4. Being Over-sensitive
The main reason she went out with you was not for your sensitivity. Women are looking for a rock and once she detects you've turned into a rose flower, she'll begin to resent you. This is not to say you cannot express yourself emotionally but when this becomes the rule instead of the exception, then you're on the road to a break up.
Being a good guy is not enough to keep your girl. You have to learn how to maintain the attraction juice in your relationship to ensure the spark in your relationship never dies.


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