When to Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Ring

When you are in love, you may say and do things that later you might regret. You may tell a special someone you love them; meanwhile, there is someone else you have recently met you feel you just can't live without. So how do you know when is the right time to commit to a woman? The simple answer is when you have that gut feeling, little voice, or realize this is someone you would regret ever letting go. However, for the man who has already realized that his girlfriend is "the one," but isn't quite ready for marriage, there is always the promise ring.
One. Think about her style.
When choosing a promise ring, keep in mind the kind of jewelry you typically see her wear. Does she like big, showy items such as large hoop earrings, large stones in her rings, and big face watches? If so, then you want a very interesting ring with various cuts and most of all sparkles. However, if she is the conservative type but has a favorite color, then get her something that isn't too flashy with a stone that represents her favorite color. Avoid getting birthstones since you are trying to make a personal statement about your commitment to the relationship. Save purchasing birthstone jewelry for her birthday.
Two. Plan what you are going to say at the time you give her the ring.
This is crucial! Let's say you don't plan anything to say and just give her a box, she will be thinking, "Oh my God, he is proposing!" You don't want to do that! Rather, talk to her about how you would like to give her something to show your love, appreciation and commitment to the relationship and as the relationship matures maybe one day you would be willing to take it a step further. Choose your words wisely otherwise you will lead her into believing something that isn't true to what you are feeling.
Three. Write down a note reinforcing your feelings and what the ring means to you.
This is also important, because sometimes when a person is excited, he or she isn't paying much attention to what someone is saying. So the note will be something to reiterated what you told her prior to her opening that special little box. It is also a nice keepsake for her.
Four. Consider when you will give her the ring.
Since this is only a promise ring, do not invite family and friends to observe the event. A promise ring can be given between the two of you while sitting in a car, walking around at a park, after things have cooled down from an argument, or placed at a special location for her to find it along with your note.
Five. Avoid the temptation to treat the ring like a marriage proposal.
If you aren't too careful and make a big deal surrounding the ring, then it will make her feel like your presentation is more of a marriage proposal than just a simple declaration of love and commitment.
When you are ready to take things to the next level such as presenting her with an engagement ring, go all out!

Article written by Nicholl McGuire


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