Pretending to be a Christian: When Online Dates Lie to Get Sex

She was a minister seeking a great guy online to get to know and hopefully marry one day. He was a lonely guy who just broke up with one of many sexual partners and was hoping to land "a good woman" after finding his sexual conquests were unfulfilling. Both registered with a popular Christian dating site.

Before long, the two would meet and exchange brief notes online asking typical questions like: "Why did you choose this site? What are you looking for in a new relationship? Where do you desire to live? Do you have any children? How long ago was your last dating experience?"

It all seemed so harmless, at least in the beginning, that is until the stories shared between the two resulted in some harsh words exchanged a few times.

The woman of God wasn't interested in "no heathen who would mess up her spiritual walk." Her online connection was encouraging her to invite him to her home for some "cuddling." On the other hand, he wasn't going to date some "mouthy minister" who thought that she was "better than" he. The spiritually confused man had talked about how he was tired of her messages with scripture posted at the end. The worshipper said she was tired of reading about his days at the job. At times he used expletives to explain how he felt about a few bad days here and there while she used words of encouragement and left her frustrations with God.

Things went from good, to okay, and then to bad during this short-lived online relationship. Both continued their Internet pursuits hoping to find the "good man and good woman" of their dreams--good luck!

The previous example is just a reminder to those of you who are Christians or those pretending to "love the Lord" or "go to church" or "enjoy the Bible" to STOP!

God sees all! Don't wonder why your connections are never lasting ones!

Nicholl McGuire
When Mothers Cry


Raving said…
This is a problem that you have to face when trying to meet someone online. I am finding out that the web is full of so many people who lie to achieve their goals. The truth always comes out and they lose face and probably never get want they were so bent on getting. Not everyone is like this though so I won't blame the web. You can pick up dogs and liars anywhere. Its having the wisdom to recognise them that matters.

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