Why Your Dream Girl is Now Your Worst Nightmare

When you both started going out things were great! Of course, they were, she never said a single word to hurt you and you never did anything to make her feel bad -- you were both still getting to know one another! But one day or many days of fighting changed all that! At first you said nothing and excused her emotions as her just having a bad day, but her mood swings became more frequent. Meanwhile, she accuses you of changing too. "You just aren't that great guy anymore either. What happened?" she says. You are thinking, "How did this beautiful woman go from saying 'Please, thank you, I can't live without you'" to "I hate you! I wish I never met you! Just get me what I ask for!"

You will need to start brainstorming if you haven't received a clear answer from her on what you could be doing to drive her crazy. She may have already told you, but she was talking so fast, crying, screaming and doing other things that you simply forgot what you were supposed to be doing. If you really want to save the relationship, you will do what you can to restore peace on your end, but if you don't, why bother reading anymore?

She caught you in a lie.

This offense is more popular then you realize whether the lie was small or big whether you caught her in a lie a time or two, the point is she could still be holding an old lie or two over your head. If you ask any woman who has been dating on and off, she will most likely tell you that she caught her former lover in a lie. He said he loved her, but there was another woman. He said he would be staying late at work, but he hung out with the guys without telling her. He said he would be going to the store to pick up some groceries, but he really went elsewhere (like the porno shop.) There are many stories that both sexes tell, but since this article is about what possibly drove her crazy about you, we will stick to what's relevant. Women don't take too kindly to liars, so think about the lies you know she caught you in then think about the lies you think she doesn't know about. She may have a lot of pent up anger she doesn't know what to do with yet, so it may come out at its worst nearing her menstrual cycle and then trail off once its over. Sometimes unresolved anger just comes out when you have hit her trigger point (or last nerve.) Avoid talking to her when you think she is being unreasonable. Try again when things are better with her physically and she has been acting a tadbit nicer to you.

You didn't meet her expectations.

You may have told her how much you make per year, bragged about living in a great neighborhood, and presented yourself as having it altogether. However, now that the relationship has gotten older, she has found out you are really broke, busted and disgusted, your neighborhood is full of weirdos, and your idea of a great time is staying at home watching a movie on most weekends. No offense, but a penniless couch potato living in an insane neighborhood will drive anyone mad!

You thought you got rid of all the evidence of your exs.

She may have stumbled across something in the top drawer towards the back, up underneath the socks in a small box inside another compartment ...you get my point. Your partner may be giving you a different look these days. She may be bringing up what seems to be odd ball statements mixed with a little craziness. You have a choice: go through all your old mementos and throw away photos, erase exs' phone numbers out your cell phone, destroy videos and anything else that could possibly be casting a negative light on your relationship or keep your stuff and get rid of her! But whatever you do, until you take care of the offensive evidence, she will keep on acting strange.

She discovered your not that great in bed.

Now let's face it, some men just love to talk about what they can do in bed, how great they can do it, where they like to do it, and on and on. Yet, the reality is some don't know how to move their hips, their private member may be shorter than what their new lady friend is use to, and suggested sexual positions do nothing more than give her gas. If this is her problem, it's only a matter of time that she will just blurt out something about your wiener, your tongue or both after you called her a few choice names. The best thing to do is interview, interview and interview some more when it comes to finding out what satisfies her.

You didn't meet family and/or friend requirements.

All women talk to someone in their immediate family or a friend about their relationship. Chances are if you feel uncomfortable around her family, you have every right to be, because there is more to their negative mannerisms than meets the eye. You may have talked about your relationship issues with her until you are blue in the face and she may have told you a million times she is sorry, but her family, they would prefer to put your head on a platter and serve it to the pet or better yet convince her how bad you are complete with a plan of escape for her.

Now all of these things may not apply to many of you, but to the few men who are trying to get to the root of his woman's craziness, this just might help. Do what you can to communicate, even if all your doing is a bunch of yelling. At some point someone will have to shut up and listen. Once you have spoken to her about the issues that make her crazy about you (both good and bad,) try to adjust your behavior even if she isn't so quick in changing her evil ways. If she sees you are making an attempt to better the relationship, she just may follow your lead. But if she doesn't, well you know what to do, compromise or get out before she drives you crazy enough to do something you may regret for the rest of your life!

Written by Nicholl McGuire to create your own articles like this, visit this site for writers.


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