What Does it Take to Make a Difficult Partner, Friend See the Light?

Whether you are dating this person, kin to him or her, or been with a partner for many years, it can be emotionally challenging dealing with someone who refuses to see the truth about a relative, partner, friend, or themselves.  The person you like/love goes on about his or her way ignoring what you have said or acting meanly toward you because he or she didn't take too well to your feedback.

What is the truth?  You probably shared the kind of statements that convicted a partner or friend mentally, physically or spiritually and he or she doesn't like you too much because of it.  Truth brings you to an awakening, a realization that someone who you once worshiped, admired, respected, and more has something about him or her that is twisted, emotionally toxic, or physically controlling. 

People who are in like or love with someone never want to see the light.  So what does it take to make a person see truth and walk in it?  Sometimes it takes distancing one's self from the troubled individual and moving on with your life.  He or she will see truth when there is no distraction and when pain becomes much more frequent than pleasure.

I recall a time in my life that no matter what relatives and friends said about someone I was with, I refused to see anything wrong with him or her.  I was emotionally and physically entwined.  The man touched me in ways that others didn't.  I felt he was there for me and was genuinely concerned about me, but boy was I wrong!  Read Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Once we discover that someone is no longer listening to wise counsel and rather proceed ahead in misery, it is always best to safeguard our hearts during the process.  When we allow the individual and all that is connected to him or her to negatively impact us, we become caught up in their web of mess.  Do you want that?  Some well-meaning advisers wear their hearts on their sleeves and when they do that they also reap much.  They become verbal and/or physical punching bags.  Others find their money and time repeatedly wasted on someone who isn't the least bit interested in changing his or her evil ways.  Who has time for that?

Nicholl McGuire is the blog owner and author of many books including: When Mothers Cry, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, and Laboring to Love Myself.


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