Can You Push a Man into the Arms of Another Woman?

If you didn't intend to give him an excuse to go out and cheat, he just might use the following to do it.  Not every man is guilty of cheating, but give them a reason and who knows what might happen?

One.  Telling him, “Go to her…Find someone else I don’t need you anyway!” when you don’t really mean it.  Some men whether they have someone else they are seeing will take you up on this statement.  When you are arguing, try to refrain from telling him this if you still want to be with him.

Two.  Making false accusations without proof.  So you found a number you don’t recognize somewhere in his belongings, big deal!  It means nothing if you don’t call it and someone on the other end of the phone says, “Yes, I did sleep with Jim.”  The real proof is the kind that no matter what he says or does he can’t wiggle out of any of it when confronted.

Three.  Refusing to forgive him for the past.  You told him that you forgave him, yet you still bring up what he did to you back in 1999.  Chances are you haven’t moved on, and he will.  Until you are completely over the incidents of the past, don’t allow him back into your life.

Four.  Not acting interested in your man.  You are happy and smiling at his family and friends, but when he tries to make small talk with you or be affectionate, you are cold.  If you don’t get over what is bothering you, he will find someone who is hot.

Five.  Repeatedly lying to your mate.  He asked you to tell the truth, yet you still lie anyway.  How long do you think you can keep lying, before he breaks it off with you?

Six.  Letting your appearance go downhill.  No excuses on this one.  Men will always be visual creatures; therefore, don’t expect them to empathize with your weight problem, bad hair days, menstrual issues and whatever else that is making you unattractive.  Do something about them all before its too late!

Seven.  Never smiling or showing appreciation, always finding fault with him.  Men have been known to walk out on their wives after ten plus years.  It is unfortunate but many will say it was because of this point.

Eight.  Praising every woman around you and making a point to tell your mate about other women’s attributes while putting yourself down.  You may have done this, told your man how lovely your best friend looks in her clothes.  Well you may think there is nothing wrong with doing this, but there is if you do it enough times.  Instead of pointing out what is good about everyone else, why not point out something that is good about you.   

Nine.  Knowing he is involved with another woman early in the relationship, yet you look the other way.  He told you he was leaving his wife, breaking up with his girlfriend, or calling off the wedding to his fianc√©, but what he didn’t tell you was exactly when and he still hasn’t shown you the proof of divorce.  There is a good possibility that he won’t be doing it because he still loves her.  Get out while you can or you may be sharing your man.

Ten.  Bringing your most attractive and flirtatious friends around him assuming they all will behave.  There are men who enjoy the company of beautiful women so much in fact that they may just get tempted.  If you don’t want him to have some fun with your friends, don’t invite them to your home with him around.

Eleven.  Knowing he has bad habits that often get him into trouble, yet you stay anyway.  Drugs, alcohol, and/or pornography are a few of the bad habits you may be aware of, yet you think that he won’t slip up and cheat on you while doing these things.  Think again. 

Twelve.  Telling him what your most personal weaknesses are and expecting your troubled man to be supportive.  You share with him your problem of depression, the bad relationship you have with your dad, or your terrible spending habit, he has enough troubles of his own, rather than help you through your problems he may look to someone who doesn’t have as much emotional baggage and more money.

Thirteen.  Abstaining from any nice thing you often did for him to win him over (including using the absence of sex and cooking as forms of punishment.)  If you did many wonderful things for him early in the relationship and then suddenly stopped, you are communicating a message to him that there are problems.  However, without explaining what is going on with you, he will look toward someone else for comfort believing you aren’t interested in him anymore.

Now that you have read 13 ways you might be encouraging your man to leave you and go off with the real or imagined woman you believe he is fond of, what are you going to do? 

Nicholl McGuire is the author of She's Crazy and Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men.


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