Improve Your Online Dating Experiences, Prepare for What is Ahead

Let's face it, our Internet connections are technologically induced as well as the emotions that result. Images are altered to impress. Words are specially selected to persuade us to "choose me," chat and make an appointment to see a potential partner. Dating preferences are sometimes embellished to lure you in and keep you captivated. E-mail, text, and video stories are at times are vague, inaccurate or insulting. The voice on the other end of the phone or via video chat is controlled as well as behaviors. A stranger is careful not to irritate you or send you running. Most likely, these potential dates recall the arguments they had with exes and the barrage of insults they endured that revealed their weaknesses prior to connecting with you. Therefore, they know what to do to hide flaws so that they can attract new mates before the unsuspecting are on to their games.

So if you feel a tad bit tricked or cheated when it comes to online dating, you have been. There is only so much that one can do online as compared to offline. There are still many things about a person's body language, spirit, and demeanor that can be quite different when you see them face-to-face and spend much time with dates.

A young man approaches the computer screen eager to meet a woman who will give him some time, affection and possibly add benefits to his flourishing lifestyle. He joins an online dating website, fills out forms, answers survey questions, uploads his photo, and familiarizes himself with ice breakers and other features so that he is well-prepared and comfortable to generate conversation in the near future with the lovely ladies online. The bachelor doesn't pay too much attention to a dating websites rules and isn't the least bit interested in paying for any additional services. He just wants a companion. 

When it comes to meeting that special someone we don't always get what we ordered from the Internet as you will read in a later chapter. Yet, those emotions we experienced that swept us away from a mere computer screen projecting an image of someone that may or may not be real, feel so genuine.

As time goes on, this same young man, as described earlier, will grow weary of the dating pool on one site, and contemplate on joining another and another and may even pay to get better service. The longer he sticks it out using dating websites and apps the chances he will meet more than just a companion. Possibly a character created from one's fantasy world like a model or a special design (autobot). The longing man talks with anyone or thing in the hopes that what he hopes is human won't let him down in the short or long term.

Speaking of bots (fake profiles built to enhance communication to build revenue for the dating site) daters find out sooner or later on many of the money-grabbing sites that they have been hooked into nothing more than an altered reality. They speak about their experiences in reviews. The bot will never lead to anything offline. However, some gullible members of these dating sites will keep on talking anyway being entertained by hot, imaginary friends.

The opportunists are out there in dating world and they aren't much interested in meeting someone as much as getting specific needs met. You will read about their agendas and possibly your own in the next chapter. In addition, you will find thoughts, experiences and more about Internet dating and why one will need to put the brakes on some things if you are just getting started or know someone who is in the online dating arena. Read about the pitfalls as well that some find themselves in because they started off looking to meet someone on the Internet for all the wrong reasons. When it is all said and done, you will have come away from reading this book understanding fully why it is so essential to take it slow when dating.

Want to read more?  Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues by Nicholl McGuire is now available on Barnes & Noble online.


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