Internet Romance Moving Way Too Fast? Book excerpt from Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues by Nicholl McGuire

"I know you are excited. You really want to meet this guy but you might want to slow down. Listen, you don't even know this girl! What's up with you, stop moving so fast?" family members and friend warn over and over again. Sometimes those admonitions grow old, because the truth is some loved ones are just meddlesome and have their share of personal hang-ups especially about Internet dating, but others are really concerned for your safety. If you or they have a history of dating violent women or men or lost a loved one due to domestic violence, it is understandable why they are protective of you.

Unchecked emotions will move you to do much for a potential date even when you don't know one's middle or nickname, a birth city or a mother's maiden name. So let us look at some of those Internet issues that most singles don't think about before thoughts of sleeping with a stranger come into play.

1. Distance
2. Work hours
3. Job related travel
4. Money woes
5. Religious differences
6. Spends a lot of time with family and friends
7. Ethnicity related issues
8. Problems with exes
9. Unhealthy habits
10. Unruly children

You most likely can add many more to this list, but these are just some of the common ones to think about and I will share some thoughts about some on the list as follows. 

Long Distance Love
Let's say you are dating someone who lives a plane ride away, you will need much money to maintain a decent relationship. However, if you don't have the money, what do you think you will end up doing after a few months of dating? Either stop dating this person because it is getting to costly or convince him or her to start coming to see you or split the costs. You might also feel the need to live with him or her or vice versa to defray the expenses. It is never a good idea to cohabitate with someone because you like them and want to save money.

One fact we can't overlook when it comes to Internet dating are those individuals who are unhappy and looking for any way to be fulfilled. There are plenty of people going online just to find someone who they can date in a coveted state because they don't like where they live. Therefore, they need a connection that will help them move to the new location. If things take off, the opportunist will move in with the person while using him or her as a springboard to help them in the new town. Foreigners will marry to gain citizenship.

What about those long work hours that eventually leaves you little time to be together? Is an online date's schedule really going to be any different once you two start dating offline? Maybe in the beginning, but in time, the job will get in the way of the relationship. Most likely, that is why the workaholic is online seeking a partner yet again.

How about the one who is often traveling due to a "job," sometimes that excuse is untrue. If the person is doing much travel for the "job" when is he or she going to have time to work on a relationship with you?

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