Love the One You're With -- You Can Do It

I didn't want to tell you this, but I think I will, you have got to get over yourself. 

Why would I say such a thing, I don't know you.  But what I do know is you are on this site, a relationship blog, hmm.  I suspect you probably either had a past dating experience or a current relationship with someone that isn't or wasn't so nice.  You might carry a bit of unforgiveness, hidden aggression, and a wish that the one you are with just might experience a taste of what he or she has put you through.  If I'm wrong, forgive me, but if I'm right...yeah, I know the feeling.  I have been there.  But negativity, especially in relationships, simply makes you more negative.  If you really want a relationship to work, you have got to rise above some things like forget about the yelling the other day, the partner forgetting to do something for you, and the past thing he or she did that you still hold against him or her.  Remember, you made a connection with an imperfect human being--someone who will never live up to your standards--that is if you have any.

The more we self-examine, the more we realize that we can either deal with the cards we have been dealt in this game called, Life or change the game.  I personally think nowadays it is simply too costly to keep jumping from one man or woman after the next, so changing might not be a good idea.  Not only that, your youth begins to fade away sooner rather than later.  Arguing, physically fighting, having children with multiple partners, working long hours to keep up with the family...all prematurely ages you just look at some of those heavily made up celebrities.  All that makeup and costly clothes to cover over pain--another relationship bites the dust. 

Sometimes it is just best to stay and work things out with someone who isn't so bad.  The partner isn't beating you up emotionally or physically to the point that you need a therapist and a police officer.  He or she has their share of bad days, but overall that one is a decent person.  So why not keep loving your "babe, sweetie, love, shawty" rather than spend time fantasizing about others?

It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day or any holiday for love to be in the air, it should be everyday.  Welcome this spring by learning to love the one you are already with. 

P.s. Don't ponder on the dating apps--wishing to be a part of that world, from what I learned, you aren't missing out on anything!

Nicholl McGuire is not only the owner of this blog, but she ghost writes for various clients.  Learn more about her and Nicholl McGuire Media.


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