Why Do Women Cheat on Their Men? - Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Know!

We usually hear the question why do men cheat on their women, but statistics are showing that women are cheating at a much higher rate than in years past. Is this really so or is the stats just catching up to what has been going on all along? So what are some reasons that may be causing women to cheat on their men?

There is probably no exact reason for why men or women are cheating but in recent surveys several issues were brought up as to why women were cheating.

· Unfulfilled at Home - Just like men, women have certain sexual desires that they expect to be met as well. For the men that are concerned with just getting off, they better beware. While their woman may not be openly expressing her dissatisfaction with him, she may be on the prowl for the Don Juan that can fulfill her every desire.

· To End a Relationship - For certain women, it is hard for them to emotionally break off a relationship so by sleeping with someone else it allows them to emotionally disconnect. Once this is done, they are now able to end their stale relationship.

· To Feel Young Again - As a woman get up there in age, she will sometimes get self conscience about her appearance a and will sometimes seek out an affair with a hot lover to get some kind of validation of her beauty.

As mentioned above, it is usually men that are typecast as a cheater, but as I also mentioned is that women are just as likely to cheat in today's society.

The main thing you should get from this article is that if you don't mind your relationship, someone will. Take the time to do the little things that you did when you first fell in love.

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