What Do Women Want in a Relationship? Here Are the Most Vital Things Women Want in a Relationship

Men need to know how a woman feels, what makes her tick and what she expects out of a man. To know all this, one has to really understand a woman's psychological make-up and what she wants in a relationship. Most women look for certain things in a relationship that will ensure happiness and success. A quick look at these points below will give you an insight into a woman's expectations.

Women need to be satisfied on all counts
This means that she needs you to satisfy her mentally, physically and emotionally. This sounds like a tall order but if you really look at it - all she is asking for is pure attention and love which is not difficult to give considering you love her.

Very rarely you would come across a woman who is not looking for some sort of commitment in a relationship. No woman likes being taken for a ride. Neither does she like to be dumped after a while. So if you are a man who is willing to take a step towards commitment - you will make her very happy and content.

Honesty from her man
A woman can't stand lies and infidelity in a relationship any more than a man does. Honesty and truthfulness from her partner will make her secure and relaxed. A partner who is a cheat will only ruin the relationship.

Help and support
By this we don't mean that it is absolutely necessary for you to tie on an apron and help out in the kitchen - though many men are more than wiling to do that much to the delight of their women - but women are looking for men who are willing to be there for them.

A sexually satisfying relationship
Women need to be sexually satisfied and love a man who is physically compatible. Though sex is just one of the factors that are necessary in a relationship, it is an important one. The man should know how to keep the excitement and the flames of desire burning.

A need to be loved
A woman wants her man to love her and show it by hugging, kissing and telling her so. She will automatically be happier and have no moods if she you can prove to her that she is loved and cherished. If she is not sure and unhappy then be prepared for nagging as she will make your life a nightmare!

A shoulder to cry on
No matter how mature the woman is, she will always want a shoulder to cry on. She expects her guy to be her best friend, someone she can confide in at any time and someone who she can share her worst fears with.

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By Rahul Talwar


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