Stressful relationships - A Challenge

As we are all social animals, we are bound to have different kinds of relationships with each another. The relationship you share with your parents would be different to the one you share with your spouse and so on. It’s also true to say that these relationships and their importance do change over a period of time. Several reasons can be attributed to this phenomenon. You could individually be going through a personal crisis, professional downslides, and financial worries and so on. All these factors and many others could have played their part in increasing frustration, depression and anxiety levels in you. No wonder then that your relationship goes through ups and downs more often than not. It is up to you to realize this and to sort out the problems.

Although, your opinions, beliefs, judgments, preferences and reactions to other people’s voice are a part of your conditioning, they are all caused by none other than yourself. No doubt, they would be have been triggered by someone else. More often than not, we think that our conditioning is right and that of others is wrong. This attitude often leads to differences in relationships and results in stressful living. Hence it is better to allow others to be what they are and be different from us. This will not only ensure that relationship will be stable but also the emotions would be under check as well. Problems related to relationships are not just confined to homes but also at work places. You need to mature as an individual and act responsibly all the times.

Healthy relationships are those, which remain stable even at rough times. Two or more people involved in a relationship have to realize that there is a thin line separating each one of them. This imaginary line could be related to either individual behavior, interests or opinions. A forceful attempt to cross this line could be dangerous to the relationship. Individuals who fail to realize this line and its importance end up in broken relationships and are left wondering what went wrong. You can still go wrong if you attempt to resurrect the relationship with the help of money. No amount of money can build a relationship. This is what everybody has to realize at one point in time or other.

You might be tempted to ask what can be done to keep tensions arising out of a stressful relationship at bay. Well, there can’t be a single answer to this question. Healing a broken relationship is never easy. However, that should not stop you from trying to resurrect it. You have to first realize that the foundation of a healthy relationship lies in love and understanding. If these two things exist between two individuals, there is no way relationship can go wrong. You will do well to understand that it takes a lot of time to build a strong relationship, however few minutes is all it requires to break it down. You have to love family to realize the importance of a relationship. Healing relationships can be done any time. But the real challenge lies in maintaining a healthy relationship all the time, in spite of all stresses and strains that can accompany it.

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