Funny How Time Flies: A Tale of A Sour Relationship

Crinkle in the middle of your forehead like an accordion.
Dragging your feet, a sound like someone sweeping the floor.
As you carry your half-broken heart from yesteryear's loves.
Head turned to the left as you pass me by
Careful not to look my way.
Hoping I can't see what you are thinking.

You don't like me.
But if you closely look into my glaring eyes,
you would see I don't like you.
I am settling, standing on your empty promises.

When I speak, you are annoyed as you take your seat.
It's only a commercial.
"What?" You say.
"Nothing." I retort.

I really don't like you!
That's why I hold my nose as you sigh.
Hoping I don't smell your breath.
It's stale, old just like this relationship.
Please don't exhale, keep that to yourself!
It's not like anything will change!
You will just stink up the atmosphere like you always do
then find a way to blame me.

What happened to the young guy I once knew anyway?
He was full of life.
Freshened up a room with an inviting odor like fresh flowers of bright reds and yellows,
you use to brighten my day.
Then again I misunderstood those happy feelings I once had for you.
I gave you credit you didn't deserve --
that was God, his mercy, his joy, my bad.

But nowadays?
I guess too much sex over the years wilted you.
Didn't have enough manhood to sustain your inner being, huh?
Fall apart at every moan, every rejection, and every lie.

That's right you lie, always hiding your "real" emotions.
Replacing them with incomplete thoughts decorated with past memories.
Oh how I sicken of hearing what we did in the past!

You move like a grandfather, you will be dying soon -- I know it.
There is nothing more you can give to anyone unless you are strangled, and beaten emotionally. Your ex taught you well.
Its too much to give to another without he or she having to ask, you always want to know, "What's in it for me?"

Who are you anyway?
Sometimes I think, "a minion of the devil."
Trying to claim a mystery that you really don't possess.
The only secret you have -- boredom.
You bore easily, because you are boring.
There is nothing more to you.

What great wonder are you?
You abandoned the one who created you - He made you the once interesting, entertaining happy-go-lucky being that people use to talk about.
Without him, you are fruitless, meaningless -- always looking to blame others for your short-comings.

We already seen your movie.
I held my applause.
I'm not offering you a tissue.
Too busy wiping my own nose.
Don't want to see the replay all over again.

Let's break up, okay?
No making up this time.
Won't stay connected to your draining spirit through sex.
That liberating action is now a holy inaction reserved for the one who I couldn't wait for -- that's why I got you.

But I can! Oh Lord I can wait!!!
Looking at your mean face everyday,
taught me to wait for the one my heart so desires!!!

The wait won't be long. I can feel it!

My bus is coming and this time I won't be answering your call.
My boxes are already packed.

The best feeling of never being in your sorrowful presence again!

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