No Time for Dating When in Love

We have all been guilty of it -- allowing so much time to pass staying indoors lovemaking that we forget how to date outside of the covers. In time, we grow bored with one another and wish that we would have taken it slow. Well if you feel like your relationship is headed in that direction, then do something, anything to keep it fresh especially if you aren't a mother or father yet! Once you both realized your pregnant, things change and don't let anyone tell you any different! Your time is not your own when the newborn shows up!

All the sweet talking about how great a family would be is nice when there is no family to worry over. All the wonderful visions of a daughter with eyes like yours and a son with a grin like his are beautiful, but put that off for as long as you can! Spend a lot of time appreciating, learning, and spending time with one another. If more couples would have taken this kind of advice seriously, they wouldn't be openly or secretly resenting their husband, wife, and/or children. They wouldn't be on the phone gossiping about how he or she "can't stand...hate...dislike...or wish things would have been different..."

If you happened to stumble on this site and you are presently in a new relationship, please heed this advice it will save you both money (buying diapers, formula, health care bills for a baby and more when you are not ready) and feelings of resentment in the long term! When we get involve in relationships that knock us off our feet we fail to plan for the long term and before long short term plans of "we could do this" and "we could do that" go out the window. Don't let it happen to you! If you haven't been to a ski resort in awhile, click on the link below. Do take the time to enjoy one another outside of the sheets!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and she tweets @nichollmcguire about a variety of things including relationships. 300x250


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