Relationship Mistakes Women Make

Relationships fail for a great many reasons but mainly because of jealousy, mistrust, poor communication, and irreconcilable differences and you can't always blame it on men. More often than not, it is the women who caused the break up when they make the biggest mistakes. Some of these mistakes are made by women who are looking for love in married or committed men because no matter how much he assures you that it is you that they want, he will never leave his wife or fiancée and live happily ever after with you. But if he does, could you possibly trust him to remain faithful to you?
There are no foolproof guarantees that your relationship will last forever but you have a better chance at it if you avoid the common mistakes in your relationship:
1. Compare your partner with your ex - it's a bad idea to talk about what your ex has and what your partner hasn't. Or talk about how great your ex was and expecting your partner to be the same. If you had to compare, don't say it out loud.
2. Judging your partner based on passed experience - just because your ex cheated on you or treated you badly doesn't mean your current partner will do the same. It's unfair to mistrust your partner or accuse him for doing something he has not done because of the emotional baggage you carry.
3. Disrespecting your partner - never insult your partner or call him names especially in public. It doesn't matter how angry he made you. It's not an excuse for you to make a scene.
4. Getting too jealous - just because your partner has female friends, it doesn't mean that he's romantically interested in them. Don't jump into conclusions; start monitoring his activities or worst, secretly reading messages on his phone. You're only making yourself look bad.
5. Too much nagging and complaining - if he's too lazy or forgetful, don't start ranting about it. If you remind him of things over and over again, he'll just end up ignoring you or it might even trigger a fight.
6. Don't try to control him - men likes independence and they also want to hang out with his friends. Let him be as long as he doesn't overdo it.
7. Over analyzing the situation - if your partner hasn't called when he's out with his friends or off somewhere else, don't start thinking negatively about what he could be doing. There has to be an explanation why he hasn't called so don't call him and start asking unreasonable questions.
8. Don't expect your partner to know what you're thinking - your partner is not a psychic and he can't read your mind. It's not enough to just give him hints and expect him to understand what it is you want. If you want something, say it.
9. Too much expectation from your partner - unfortunately, men are not like women so you can't expect them to naturally be more sensitive, understanding, and caring. If you need something from him, you need to let him know what it is and how he can help.
10. Don't try to change him - you need to accept him for who he is and what he loves to do.

Janet Grace Ortigas is a freelance writer and online blogger.


I have gone through the article really its nice its shows how important is to save our relationship. Keep posting great work.

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