How Do You Know a Bad Relationship will Get Better?

A relationship that has some light at the end of the tunnel just might survive.  But how do you know if there is any light/hope/better days? 

1.  You and your partner will finally make up in your minds to stop the foolishness.  Anything or anyone who keeps bringing trouble to your relationship will be cut off, cut out, or cut back.

2.  When you look in the mirror and recognize the error of your ways, you come to the understanding that you must do something.  The self-reflection haunts you like a bad memory and you can't seem to shake it until you start doing something.

3.  You or your partner will start seeking out counsel in media and elsewhere for whatever is upsetting the relationship.  You will actually start implementing the advice given to you.

4.  When you make necessary adjustments that have been hindering progress based on what your partner has told you about yourself, you are well on your way to a better relationship.

5.  When your partner comes to the realization to stop blaming and start changing, he or she is still in it for the long haul.  Sometimes you see this when he or she apologizes, cries, and works hard to do some things differently.

There is hope for those couples who are in a downward spiral, but those who have no desire to make it work anymore might stick around for awhile (just after the New Year), but once their minds are made up, they aren't staying.

Nicholl McGuire


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