10 Signs a Date is Too Old, Tired and Lazy for You - Cut Off Bad Dates this New Year

Some young women make their lives complicated by dating men that they are clearly not compatible with, but due to money, fame, power, daddy issues, or something else they will remain in unhealthy unions.  Make this new year a start in the right direction, choose your dates wisely!

When one feels like she is just not connecting with an older date, she will want to consider that the age gap relationship just might not be something she is still interested in continuing.  People don't get any younger and unfortunately the older we get, the more issues we have.  If you are a young woman who wants more out of life, you might want to reconsider dating a mature man with issues such as, being tired and lazy often.  Many older men have low-T or testosterone challenges.  However, lucky for some of you readers, you may not be in too deep with your mature partner; therefore take notice of signs early on that a tired, lazy older man just might be pretending to be something that he is really not.

1.  His idea of a good time is always at home in front of a television screen.
2.  He has little patience for story-telling.  His eyes wander and he rarely reacts to what you are saying.
3.  He is often forgetful and seems to blame people, places and things for his absent-mindedness.
4.  He pretends he is having a good time in the presence of people younger than him, but subtle signs like: deep sighs, complaints i.e.) loud music and talking, visible irritation on his face, and impatience obviously shows he is not enjoying the company of young people.
5.  He seems to communicate and get along with your older relatives more than he does with you.
6.  He often criticizes you and finds fault with you even when you are in a good mood.
7.  He mentions something negative about your age and at times attempts to insult your intelligence.
8.  He doesn't cook or clean after himself unless he feels he has to or is in the mood to do it.
9.  He sits on his behind far more on any given day than he ever walks.  The television is on for hours!
10.  He doesn't appreciate anything that isn't in his age group and will speak negatively about the accomplishments of those younger than him.  At times, these men tend to be competitive unnecessarily attempting to prove they are still young i.e.) participating in activities that they are no longer good at (if they ever were).

When the writing is on the wall, a young woman has a choice she can either stick it out and hope for the best or do something different.  If she chooses to stay with her older partner, in spite of knowing what she has in a man, she might become resentful and go from being that nice woman he first met to a bitter you know what.  Take your pick.

Nicholl McGuire


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