3 Sex Killers - Snoring, Body Odor, Late Night Internet Surfing and TV Watching

Days of not having a good night sleep, moments where something didn't smell right under covers, and daily late night Internet surfing and TV watching can not only affect sex, but set a relationship back! 

1.  Snoring

Loud noises throughout the day, chatty co-workers, nerve-racking toys, and other irritating things can overwhelm anyone.  The only peace one might have is when he or she lies on a nice, comfy bed and closes eyes at night.  However, if one is sleeping with a partner who snores loudly, how much rest are you really getting?  Think of the mood swings, the tiredness during the day, and overall how you feel, most likely you are not getting a quality night sleep due to snoring.  Those who have struggled with snoring for years need medical help, over-counter medicines simply don't work for some.  If a partner often complains about snoring and not being able to rest, don't wonder why he or she is more interested in sleeping and less interested in having sex.  If you are a victim of a snorer, talk about your concern, if he or she doesn't want to deal with the problem, sleep in separate rooms or discuss other changes so that you can sleep in peace.

2.  Body Odor

Sometimes things happen and one doesn't always keep up with body hygiene.  One bad odor can put sex to a halt for awhile (or for years) especially when you are in a relationship with a person who has a keen sense of smell.  It would make sense to handle the issue, rather than just cover it up with perfumes and colognes.  If there is a problem such as: bad breath, smelly underarms and private parts, or stinky feet that when cleansed the smell doesn't seem to go away, seek medical attention.  If you have a partner who smells terrible and you have yet to communicate your concern, be polite, yet firm about your feelings.  If the issue is still not addressed after weeks have gone by, you might want to make some hard decisions which might include no intimacy until he or she gets the problem resolved.

3.  Late night Internet and TV watching

As much as we all love our gadgets, there comes a point when we have to balance time between them and our partners.  Too much of anything isn't a good thing.  When you find that a partner is spending way too much time up all night pleasuring his or herself, while you feel all-too-ready to have sex, you will need to break up the routine.  Take a nap during the day sometimes, stay up late and make yourself available.  If you find there is frequent rejection, it is time to start communicating and possibly snooping.  If there is still no change, make plans to separate or break up rather than cheat.  If you are guilty, scale back your time viewing these devices and make some time to entertain your partner.

Many relationships tend to break up over what seems to be trivial issues, but become major ones due to one or the pair refusing to deal with the problems.  Stubborn and prideful people don't want flaws pointed out and can be mean-spirited when it comes to dealing with the issues.  You know your relationship better than anyone and if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it.  However, if something is happening in the relationship that is affecting your well-being, speak up!  If a partner sincerely loves you, he or she will have compassion and do what he or she can to restore quality sex and peace in the relationship.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight about a variety of topics including relationships on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


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