5 Irritating Things About Bringing a Troublesome Husband to a Family Event

Some husbands are just not very good guys although they work real hard at deceiving family and friends.  They trick some into thinking that they love, care and respect their wives, but from the disappointment displayed in their partners' eyes, relatives know different. 

The observant see through the smoke and mirrors.  No eye contact, not the slightest touch (or way too much touch), distance between the couple, and the disrespect displayed when a husband is talking to a woman that is not his wife, are obvious signs, the man would have been better off staying at home.  So what might those irritating things he does that make his ride home with his wife a quiet one?

1.  He smiles and talks too much to the attractive women at the family event.  He manages to find some subject to talk about with them, but at home, he doesn't say much to his wife.

2.  He will pretend as if he is madly in love with his wife when he sees her talking with a handsome man who is not a family member.  Yet at home, he barely looks at his wife or touches her unless he wants sex.

3.  He acts as if his wife is responsible for all things related to interacting with family and participating in events (family gifts, keeping in touch, making and buying food and getting beverages...for his side and hers.)  "Talk with the wife...I don't know about that.  I have nothing to do with it.  Her idea, I stay out of it."

4.  He doesn't recall anything he said or did when the wife re-tells a story.  "Remember honey we were with So and So and she said...then you did...."  He shakes his head, "Uh...what?  No...really? I don't know.  This woman is a great story-teller--I don't recall any of that!"

5.  He brags or takes credit for things he rarely or never does.  The wife thinks, "Why are you lying to your mother, you know you don't help the kids with homework...stop telling your dad you get out with the boys all the time...let's count on one hand how many times you did any thing with them.)  Meanwhile, confidantes know better.

Wives typically don't miss a beat when it comes to their men, they may not say anything or display anger at the family event, but they are watching and listening.  No wonder it is a quiet ride home for some couples.

Nicholl McGuire


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