Sugar Daddies Aren't Loyal - They Don't Commit

It doesn't matter what he promised, persuaded, shared, or made you believe, a Sugar Daddy doesn't commit to any one pretty young woman.  He wines, dines, buys, and has sex with young women--end of discussion.

Gullible young women who haven't dated Sugar Daddies long enough, must realize that they are nothing more than old players.  You can use whatever name you want, but at the end of the day, Sugar Daddy moves on.  He has things to do and plenty of money to do them and it won't be all day and everyday with a single young woman for the rest of his life.  He is divorced one, two, three, even four or more times for good reasons.

So how do you know you just don't have that special kind of Sugar Daddy who will commit to you?

1.  When you mention a serious relationship, marriage, moving in together, etc., he prefers to talk about anything but that.  He digresses.  He grins and distracts you a bit.  There is nothing good about giving up one's player card when he still wants to play.  New subject.

2.  While you are still talking about couples who got married or engaged, he is making jokes about these serious life decisions.  Consider thinking about what he has already told you in the past, "I'm not interested in a girlfriend...I don't mind being a Sugar Daddy but...Let's get some things straight, I'm not anyone's husband/boyfriend/fiance!"

3.  Sugar Daddy becomes visibly irritated, angry, rude, and may even yell about feeling pressured.  Too many of these mood swings and he just might retire his Sugar Baby.

4.  Threats to break up, irrelevant.  No matter what the Sugar Baby swears she will do, Sugar Daddy won't care after awhile, on to the next one.  If he threatens to break up, most likely he will sooner or later.

5.  There will be some "manufactured" distance on the part of the Sugar Daddy when it comes to this issue of commitment.  If he told you once, he told you twice, now he becomes silent.  Phone calls decrease and eventually no more.  He is training and punishing the young woman to behave or else.  Most likely, the Sugar Baby, desperate for some cash will comply.

6.  The Sugar Daddy may appear like he is so hurt by the discussions concerning commitment and how his young lady friend is moving too fast that he will focus on his other women a little more. The young woman will start to notice and eventually shut up about being his wife.  Got ya!

Don't be deceived by the Sugar Daddy player.

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