How to Know Whether a Date Wants You for More than Sex

Sometimes one must turn back the bedroom covers for awhile and really have that long talk with self.  No one wants to be used and abused, yet so many women and men allow this sort of thing to happen for any number of reasons.  Manipulators take advantage of the weak-minded who talk negatively about themselves.  They pretend as if they care so much about their sex partners, when in fact all that want is to experience a sexual release over and over again until they get weary of the body who once gave them so much pleasure.

You can prevent yourself from having much emotional turmoil in the future, if you can view your relationship like one who is looking on the outside in.  Do you really want to be just another lover or do you want something more?  Whatever more is, it should be something that benefits not only your physical needs, but your emotional and spiritual well-being.  Take a moment to self-evaluate.

1.  Does he take interest in other areas of your life?

2.  Does she mention talking about you to others?

3.  Does this person make plans to see more of you outside of the bedroom?

4.  When you are in need of financial assistance, help around your residence, or something from the store, does he or she make his or her self available or do you have to be always there for him or her?

5.  Do you have interesting conversations that include an exchange of personal thoughts and feelings?

6.  When you are together, do you feel like this person sincerely wants you around for a long time?

Once you have determined where your mind, body and spirit stands with your lover, start planning to discuss your needs and what your hopes are for the future with this individual, if he or she acts uninterested or gives you a hard time about what you are discussing, start thinking about a future without him or her.

Nicholl McGuire


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