Job Loss Affects Relationships

No money + no intimacy = DRAMA!

One might think that things are still the same within one's mind, body and spirit after a job loss, but quite the contrary.  People change when they make a substantial income and people change when they lose it!

There are side effects that some couples might experience as a result of one or both having no steady income, but a savings to live on and whatever other money they can get elsewhere.

1.  Irritability.

Becoming angry over the littlest of things, one or both begin to dispute over some minor things.  They may act out in public such as ridiculing the other, saying things they don't mean, and treating each other rudely like ignoring a partner when he or she is trying to communicate a thought.  Money is on the mind and the mind is on the money!

2.  Fluctuating sex drive.

Today a mate might want sex and then a drought season occurs where there is no sex.  Then a period of having sex followed by another drought.  Meanwhile, one or both are asking, "What the h#ll happened to us?"  Hell had something to do with it, all right!  For some couples they burned right through their money and now they are burning right through their relationships!

3.  Temptation to find happiness elsewhere.

Other couples appear to be happier and have it together in the eyes of the penniless couple.  But what they fail to remember is that just because someone looks happy doesn't necessarily mean that they are.  Yet, these couples will allow eyes to wander elsewhere while hoping to forget about a temporal setback.  Remember it's temporary!  Why ruin your relationship for an emotional or physical release with someone who most likely will be another burden sooner or later?

4.  Alcohol, smoking, and other habits increase.

Not everyone runs to the church or to a counselor when in trouble even though a good-hearted soul might try to guide a stressed out couple to some help; rather, some will increase their eating habits, alcohol and drug consumption.  The more one indulges in self-destructive habits, the more miserable they become resulting in all sorts of mayhem in the future.

5.  Children, bills, relatives and other challenges seem bigger than what they are.

If couples are unhappy with their financial business, the frustration usually falls on everyone and everything else.

If you or someone you know might be experiencing a myriad of emotions from insecure feelings to rage regarding the relationship and other people and things connected to it, take some time out for yourself.  Think about how you might solve your money issues before they get the best of you and everyone you love!

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate


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