Don't Settle for the Fool When Dating

Have you ever been out on a date with someone who makes you laugh so much that you feel like you have to go to the bathroom?  Have you ever dated someone who is always doing something that arises a shock, a laugh, or something inside you that keeps you entertained at least for awhile until their behavior annoys you?  Well, if you have been with someone similar to what has been mentioned, then you know that the good times with this sort of person don't last for long.

This blog entry is a warning to those young women and men who are attracted to foolish people.  Those of us who have much dating experience will tell you that the barrel of laughs will come to an end sooner or later.  Hopefully, sooner so that some of you don't have your lives negatively impacted as a result of dating fools.

So how do you know you are dating a foolish person who has more going on than just a crazy sense of humor?

1.  He frivolously spends money on things he can't afford.

2.  She looks to you to solve any problem that you know she should be able to solve herself.

3.  When he or she isn't making you laugh, this person is making you scream/yell/threaten him or her.

4.  You oftentimes feel uncomfortable in this person's presence.  You find yourself praying that he or she doesn't say or do anything foolish in the public.

5.  You discover behind all the laughs is a deeply troubled individual who lacks common sense.  You feel as if you have to take care of the person even though you know you shouldn't, because he or she is supposed to be a responsible adult.

6.  The foolish person's shocking behavior has repeatedly gotten him/her in trouble or possibly you.

When you notice these signs and more, there is a good possibility that to stay in a relationship with a fool will cause much sorrow, money, and time wasted having to get him or her out of trouble.  Protect your heart and your wallet!

Nicholl McGuire


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