The Cutting Truth: Relationship and Dating Blog Posts that Keep it Real!

 You probably didn't want to hear the truth about your relationship or dating life from your parent, your friend or even your co-worker.  However, it has a way of showing up when you least expect it like on a blog you just happened to stumble upon.  The following entries are those that you probably should read (or listen to), before something happens this year that will make you wish you had listened to everyone!  No coincidences here, thanks for showing up!

Someone you are interested in, but you just don't know about dating him or her, hmm...

A partner is doing some things that make you feel unloved.

Incompatible couples from the start and still things haven't gotten any better.  

Getting back out there in the dating world isn't what it used to be.

The relationship isn't abusive, but you just aren't convinced you want to continue to be with this person.

What your family just didn't teach you about relationships.

Arguments happen, don't believe everyone else but you are in good relationships--yeah right!

Looking to date online?  Another post to help someone who has his or her issues, doubts.

Time to let the past rest!  No wonder you have relationship issues! 

Do you have to date so many people? Slow your roll!


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