Dating Too Many People, Spending Too Much Time and Money

How many is too many lovers?  How much time is too much time when it comes to staying online meeting and communicating with new friends?  What is the dollar amount on spending too much when dating?

Some people go into the dating world blindly and they don't bother to put any limitations on time, money or anything else.  When this sort of thing happens it isn't any wonder that people argue, fuss, break up, obtain STDS, have unwanted pregnancies, go into debt, end up in jail, and more.  There are simply no boundaries!

When you date far too many people, you exhaust yourself of them sooner or later.  They all start looking and sounding the same in your mind.  You find yourself disinterested in those you should be interested in and settling with those in between sheets that you really don't like that much.

Spending much money on dates has caused many hardships for singles as well as married individuals.  Falling behind in bills won't bring a smile on anyone's face during a date while looking at a dinner bill that could have paid a cell phone bill for two months maybe even three.  Married people should know better not to date singles, but they still chance it.  Now an affair that cost a few hundred dollars or more is now costing them thousands in divorce court.

You may have found that your personal life isn't all that great and so many hours are spent online, texting, video chatting, calling, or meeting people that could have been better spent improving you.

You know when you are dating (or sexing) far too many people when you are:

1.  Often having some issue with your health.
2.  You have to borrow money just to go out on a date.
3.  You are frequently disappointed with your selection of dates.
4.  Your family begin to question or criticize your dating lifestyle.
5.  You find that people, places and things seem to bore you much and you no longer feel excited about anything anymore.
6.  You quarrel much with dates (or physically fight with
7.  You don't have a clue anymore about the future.
8.  You fake interest in people.
9.  You worry much about money and hope that your dates will foot the bills.
10.  You are starting to resent dressing up or impressing dates.

Nicholl McGuire


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