Open and Honest - When a Date Knows More About You than You Know About Him

So many women fall into the "open and honest" trap that some manipulative men use to get them to share secrets, future plans, and more.  Meanwhile, they are not nearly as transparent as their lovers/friends/partners.  Some things will never be said because a man, with a plan, is not the least bit interested in spilling his guts.

What would make some women feel like they needed to tell so much about themselves to someone from the start of a relationship?  For some ladies, they have such a strong desire to connect with dates while hopefully knocking out the possible competition.  They believe the more they share with their dates, the closer they are to them.  Others are naturally open and honest and think that because they are that way, the men they meet will be the same.

The open door policy, secret spilling, and confessions work great when you know the individual you are with has learned many painful lessons in life and no longer want to lie, cover up, or keep his or her mate in the dark.  However, those who could care less about what anyone thinks, and chooses to live a life in a way that pleases him or her despite how others might feel is simply not going to tell his or her business.

Naive, gullible, insecure, and jealous partners will argue, defend, treat others wrongly, and do much evil because they don't want to face the truth they are with a handsome manipulator or sexy deceiver.  Any truth that passes before their eyes is wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, and so on.

Those with a bad past, still bitter about life decisions, and carry many secrets, are not going to be forthcoming with information no matter how open and honest a partner claims to be in the relationship.  You can take the person to church, put them in a courtroom, spend money on them, and give them sex whenever he or she wants, and none of those things or others will make anyone share their deepest, darkest secrets.

When you know someone is hiding something from you, be on your guard.  Stop being so open about everything you do and say especially when you know you are with someone who is hot-tempered, emotionally abusive, or has a mental disorder or addiction.  Learn to pay close attention to your environment when he or she comes around and when he or she leaves.  Interview those who know that person well.  Protect your finances.  Don't leave valuable information or items in view. Teach children not to be so forthcoming with details about you like who you talk to and where you go.  Also, talk to them about not keeping secrets from you.  Set up recording devices in your home, on phones, or enlist the help of others to trap the individual in his or her lies if necessary.

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