On Dating a Christian: Are You Sincerely a Believer?

Some people visit Christian dating websites and are not active believers. They might have a reverence for the faith, but are not studying the word of God or living their lives accordingly. This can be quite frustrating for those who sincerely take God at his word and hope to connect with a like-minded believer.

If one is serious about a committed relationship with someone, he or she must be equally focused on his or her personal relationship with Christ. During the dating phase with a believer, there will be spiritual tests that won’t be anything like the worldly dater is used to. He or she will find at times that it is much harder to date a believer than an unbeliever. This is because Christian singles pray much, may attend fellowship services, and follow the precepts in the Holy Bible. If one is not reading the word of God, then he or she has no clue what to expect when dating a Christian.

It is always best to bypass dating someone who is a Christian if you are unwilling to do the things that he or she does. The Christian is warned in his or her Bible not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. So if one doesn't believe in a Holy God, he or she should avoid deceiving the Christian.

Too often faithless people have wandered on Christian single dating sites in the hopes of meeting someone because they agree with the character traits that a Christian is supposed to possess. However, they themselves are not interested. Rather, they desire to capitalize off the Christian’s blessings.

For some people, they have learned the hard way why it is much better to be one’s self and visit dating websites that cater to one’s own kind.

How do you know if someone who claims to be Christian really is?

  1. He or she will mention God, prayer, Bible and other things in his or her conversation.
  2. You will feel something different with this person that you have never felt with others.
  3. You might be curious about spiritually growing.
  4. There will be a fellowship invite where you will meet the Christian’s friends.
  5. You will most likely meet relatives and they might ask about your plans to marry.
  6. There will be a discussion about marriage and children.
  7. You may be tested in many ways so that the Christian can access whether the connection is indeed divinely inspired or a trick from Satan. (If you don’t believe in an evil archenemy of the people of God, you will have some challenges dating a Christian).
Nicholl McGuire authored Know Your Enemy: The Christians Critic, When Mothers Cry and Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street


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