Throwback R&B Music on Valentine's Day for Your Sweetheart

The music selected for this blog entry is not only selected to get you in the mood to plan something nice for your sweetheart, but they all contain lyrics that give you something to think about when it comes to taking your relationship from dating status to serious commitment. Enjoy!

Joe lays you back, relaxes, he gives you some serious "chill" music.  This song puts your mind back in that time when you first met your date.  You are beginning to learn some fun, sweet, and sexy things about him or her.

You know you are still in love when you reach the point in the relationship where you say, "You will always be my baby..."  Throw the towel in-- love wins!  Mariah Carey has far too many love songs to pass up, be sure you add her to your "get in the mood" collection--lol!

The late Teena Marie and Gerald Levert move on all of us to value love, respect it, appreciate it--"A Rose by Any Other Name."  We all uniquely give and receive love. 

Robin Thicke is "Lost Without You."  Just imagine your lover telling you just how much he or she means to you when he or she isn't around.

J-Lo, Jenny from the Block, and now Jennifer tells us in "Love Don't Cost a Thing" your gifts will only go so far.  If you don't have love, affection, commitment, and attention to follow up with all your thoughtfulness, you got nothing! 

Mary J. Blige has been sharing her soul with the public for decades.  She reminds us in "Be Without You" just how much love drives you to stay with someone!

This special throwback is for those of you who wonder why some grandparents marriages lasted so long--they started with a good foundation. The man and woman humbled themselves and said, "It's me and you baby against the world!" Imagine giving love to someone who you feel safe, complete, and trust! No worries, no stress, just two people trying to do their best!--Nicholl McGuire


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