Just Had an Argument? What's One Thing You Love About Your Mate?

After an argument, a cold shoulder, or an eye roll, it's hard to think about that one thing you love about someone who has done these things to you.  But try anyway, let's think.

1.  The way he/she smiles.

2.  How nice he/she smells.

3.  The thoughtful ways he/she shows care ie.) gas in the car, back rub, brings me snacks, gifts, etc.

4.  How great love-making feels.

5.  He/she cleaning up messes around the home.

6.  Comforting me when I am angry at others.

7.  Calling me to say, "I was thinking about you...love you...I'm sorry."

8.  Giving me time and space to cool down.

9.  His/her good cooking.

10.  How he/she cares for children.

11.  Paying bills.

12.  Compliments the way I look.

If most of these things and more make you feel good when you think about them concerning your mate, then chances are, this person is a keeper.  Appreciate what you have while you still have this person in your life!  There are so many widows in this world and people in dead relationships.  Whatever your dispute, it happened, take into consideration what you have learned, and do better next time.  It's just that simple!

Nicholl McGuire


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