6 Reasons Why She Will Leave You So You Best Be Prepared

Your woman has come to you over and over again with all sorts of issues from how to put things back to whether or not you love her and over, over, and over again you have given her explanations and tried to listen to her. You know she loves you, but maybe you don’t know whether you love her. There are reasons why women leave their men or cheat on them.

One. She doesn’t think you are her friend.

You say that you consider her not only as a lover but a friend too, but do you really? When serious issues in life have come up, have you included her or did you run to your family, friends or an ex for support? Friends care about one another. They include them in on the significant things that happen to them in their lives.

When she upsets you, do you talk to her one-on-one or do you talk to everyone else but her? She has dealt with her share of backstabbing friends in the past, so the last thing she expected was her man going behind her back and bad mouthing her too.

She is a beautiful, intelligent, talented woman and everything she touches turns to gold. However, you secretly are jealous of her. You may think you should be doing more in your life, so rather than celebrate her achievements while working on yours, you are jealousy. You make her feel bad when something good happens to her, because you can’t seem to control your mouth. How many times do you think she is going to sit by and continue to let you down her, which brings us to the next point?

Two. She feels like you don’t care about her or what she does.

Most likely, she has expressed her feelings to you and those around her who love her. What are you doing that says, “You don’t care about her?” When she was ill, did you bring her a cup of soup and a kiss? Did you ask her if there was anything you could do, when her relative died? Did you offer to drive her some place when she couldn’t drive? Did you sit and talk with her when she was angry about something? When she stayed out all day and night, did you even act a little bit interested in what she was doing? When the children were crying and she felt her back was up against the wall, did you step up to the plate? If you can’t remember when you did something that impacted her so much that she could remember it on her deathbed then don’t wonder why she feels like you don’t care.

Three. When you hurt her feelings, you don’t bother to acknowledge her feelings and apologize.

Everyone gets angry from time to time, some more than others, but how we deal with the situation afterward is just as impactful as what was said during the argument. You may have yelled at her, name-called, put her down, pushed her or even broke a few items around the house, but did you sincerely apologize for your actions? Some people will apologize by only picking a few things they feel comfortable about saying their sorry for and then hoping it will be forgotten about the next day. Apologizing doesn’t just come from the mouth or a gift; it comes from a commitment of never doing it again and living up to it! Apologizing also comes from: the anger management courses you promised you would take, the therapist you would visit, the prescription medicine you said you know you need to take, the sacrifices you make for the betterment of the relationship and your family, and most of all it comes from the heart!

Four. You act as if you aren’t committed to her.

Driving around in an automobile without your partner and children, making people think you are single. Dining often alone to the point that none of the restaurant staff think you are married or in a relationship. Accepting lunch invitations from women without your wedding band displayed. These are just some of the examples that men do that make their partners feel like they are in a relationship all alone.

Company invitations, family events, and other opportunities come and go and you never bother to bring your mate along. Is there any wonder why she would feel the way she does?

Five. You both have very separate, distant lives.

She has her plans and you have yours. The only things you two share are a house and a bed. You see nothing wrong with it, because maybe you enjoy the space, but she has seen that this has been a problem for her for years, but didn’t want to nag you about it. Now she feels so distant from you that she doesn’t even know you and would rather be with someone else which brings us to the next point.

Six. You don’t allow her to get to know you like you once did. You are a stranger in her eyes.

You may have communicated to her in the past about your likes, dislikes, associations, interests, childhood memories, and daily activities, but now things are different not because you purposely wanted it to be that way, but just because you both have changed. She may have attempted to get to know you by clearing her schedule to go out on dates, send you phone messages, thinking of you cards and gifts, and do other nice things that say, “Let me into your world.” But you barely noticed or didn’t seem to care. Now you are so distant from her mind and heart that she can’t see a life with you anymore.

By Nicholl McGuire


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