What Does a Date Who says I Love You Expect?

Some single men and women are quite serious when it comes to dating they desire very much to find partners who are willing to settle down with them. These zealous daters are quick to be all things to their potential love interests. Most of all, they are very forward about their feelings and will say this important three letter word statement usually before their significant others even think about saying it, “I love you.”

Once these emotionally charged singles express their love, depending on how mentally and physically stable these people are, they will expect much or nothing at all. People with mental illness can love just like those who have no personality disorders. They might not think nothing more about what they have said or act as if the relationship has just received a steroid boost. You will know whether the “love” is indeed genuine and healthy by what your lover expects from you. Those with personality disorders usually operate in extremes sometimes followed by a period of mood swings like, “Today I love you, but tomorrow I will hate you.” Observe how your mate behaves and pay attention to whether he or she is emotionally balanced on most days.
  1. Commitment.
Someone who has either told you boldly or in a roundabout way that he or she wants a committed relationship will assume you are in agreement when it comes to dating exclusively. If you don’t ask this person to share his or her view of the relationship’s status, you just might find yourself caught in a confusing trap.
  1. Sex.
For most women who say, “I love you.” They are hoping that men get the point, there is no having sex with other people. But just like discussing commitment, if these women don’t say what they really want, the bachelors will continue to be open about having sex with others.
  1. Discussions about the future.
Marriage, family and financial planning, home and car purchases, relocation, and other topics about the future will begin to increase. The power of “I love you” will show up in what this person wants from you, what you both will work together to build, and what he or she will do for you. Sounds like some intense discussions coming up? They are and usually these topics will make or break the relationship.
  1. Meeting family and friends.
Whether you have met the loved ones or not, you will find yourself at a sit down meeting with these people one day selling yourself on why you are a good choice for their beloved daughter or son. Chances are the one who said, “I love you” told his or her inner circle how he or she felt about you that prompted talk of meeting the family members and friends or reconnecting with them again.

When you think of a simple phrase like, “I love you,” you just don’t realize the magnitude of it. For the mentally stable or unstable, it could mean much or nothing at all. You will need to be sure that you are able to reciprocate those emotions too in order for your relationship to be a success.

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