7 Common Signs Your Relationship is Doomed to Fail

When you start dating someone, you don’t anticipate bad things will happen that might cause a relationship’s demise. You look forward to a bright and happy future. But as you learn more about a date, you begin to discover what appears to be right with he or she is really wrong for you. Small issues grow into bigger ones, and you start to think, “Why did I even bother dating this person, much less consider marriage? I don’t think I want to be with him/her anymore.”

1. Cheating
If a date can’t be honest early on in the relationship about dating others, there is a good possibility the individual won’t be when the newness wears off.

2. Incompatibility
From expressing your personal opinion about a matter to not having similar interests, if there is no agreeing on anything during the dating phase, there is no peace later on either.

3. Alcohol and Drug Use
Some people just don’t know when to slow it down when it comes to partying. Alcohol and drug use never mixes well in a relationship especially when someone has had his or her share of bad experiences with them.

4. Personality Issues
Some people are often calm, pleasant to be around, and generally content. Others are silly, wild and lazy. Then there are mean-spirited people who are uncaring. Some will lie, steal and destroy others without losing a night of sleep. When there are major differences in character traits, not every couple is able to cope.

5. Lack of Communication
A date might be a poor communicator. He or she doesn’t like sharing preferences, workday events, money talk, or nothing else. A person who has demonstrated this sort of behavior rarely changes. Communication issues will follow you throughout your relationship.

6. Physical and Mental Abuse
If he or she can’t take control of one’s temper during the courtship, imagine what it might be like talking with a police officer one day or sitting in court testifying against the abuser.

7. Employment Problems
The warning signs are there when a date often shares work related issues and talks about leaving a job. Then the individual obtains another and has problems with that one and so on. Inconsistent employment will lead to financial problems.

All of these issues will result in a couple breaking up. Avoid the temptation to talk about marriage and children when these problems are evident in your courtship. Family planning does nothing more than further complicate matters. 

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