Lies of Manipulators in Relationships

They will justify their wrongs from using flawed statements to evil looks, manipulators, psychopaths, narcissists and the like hate those who expose their lies.  What you say is wrong and what they do is right.  They don't care that what they did hurt you.  You scream, yell, threaten, and may even shake them up a bit, and their reaction is unapologetic.

You can't trust cold-hearted men and women, they lie.  They will try to reason why it's okay to join a dating profile site while still in a relationship, it's okay to be married while seeking to be with someone else, and they will distort all things they know to be righteous for selfish gain.  They pretend to love, but they lust.  Why is "I love you" so difficult for them?  Because they know they don't mean it.  Why is showing appreciation of a partner and his or her endeavors such a challenge for them? Because they feel far more comfortable wallowing in negative emotions like jealousy.  For some manipulators, what they know is a learned behavior from parents/guardians that later morphed into a combination of who they are and what they had hoped to become.  To explain further, they already had an innate knowledge on getting others to do what they want (crying, whining, complaining, using silent treatment etc.) but had to still learn how to pretend to be that "nice" person-- the one who could attract admirers and loyal followers.  A wounded soul is easy prey for the manipulator.  They seek and also attract the lonely, desperate, confused, and naive.

For the evil-minded, the hollow soul, and the desperate for attention, they know nothing about love and will not practice what little they learn consistently.  Today they are hot for you, but tomorrow not so much.  If you are in the beginning stages of a relationship like this, work hard to disconnect from the manipulator before you are entangled in his or her web of deceit.  He or she tells fanciful stories, makes promises, persuades you to believe that he or she cares about you (and only you), but in reality he or she simply uses people for time and money.

Nicholl McGuire


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