7 Popular Lies of Single, Deceptive Men

A lot is said in a simple statement backed up with an action or inaction when it comes to relationships.  Many singles can save themselves much time and stress if they would just pay attention to the little things their dates say and do early on in the relationship!  Some women are so desperate for a man that they suppress all red alert signs that tell them, "Keep away, this guy is a loser!"  Don't be the next fool for love in a deceptive, single man's game, listen and learn.

1. "I can cook."

Really?  Challenge him.  Go to the grocery store with him, watch him take the food out the wrapping, season it, and cook it.  If you see all of that, he can cook.  If not, he's a liar and what else might he lie about?  Hmm.

2.  "She's just a friend."

Is he sure about that?  The way he looks at her, talks about her, and how often he corresponds with her on the phone should be enough for you to tell him, "Goodbye."

3.  "I would never hit a woman."

Push any man enough and they just might hit back.  Watch how your date/partner reacts to you during a disagreement.  Do you feel like he just might slap, choke, push, or trip you just because you don't agree with him or he doesn't like the tone of your voice? Anyway, ask him to define a "hit."  Any verbal or physical assault is considered abusive.  A deceptive man who works hard to hide his mood swings and angry temper most likely has a past that involved him abusing more than one woman whether they so-called "deserved it" or not. 

4.  "I will be over around..."

Is he really a man of his word?  How many excuses does he need to come up with to finally arrive on time?  If he can't keep his word, what else might he be unable to commit to?

5.  "I like that too."

Does he really?  If he likes what you like so much, notice whether he changes his interest once he gets to know you better.  Then call him out on what he supposedly has in common with you, "I thought you said you liked that too?"  Actors will say and do just about anything if they believe they can have sex with you.

6.  "I'm close to my family too."

How close?  Close enough that he would be understanding if you said, "Listen, I'm not interested in moving across the country with you while leaving my family behind.  Besides if you are so close to them, why would you want to move away from them?"  Men with a troubled childhood are rarely close to intermediate family no matter how much he fakes having a good time with relatives.

7.  "I believe in God."

If he believes in God as much as he claims, then ask him, "When was the last time you heard from God and actually did what he told you?"  To that, he might respond, "I said I believed in God, but I didn't say he talks to me."  A man who is indwelled with the Holy Ghost has a personal relationship with Christ and feels accountable to his creator.  Leave the Christian pretender alone if you are a sincere, born-again believer!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and many other books.  You can check out her practical advice videos on Youtube channel: nmenterprise7.


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