You're a Light Sleeper, He Snores -- A Lack of Sleep will Affect Your Relationship

Are you often irritable, moody, and ready to sleep in any room but the one you sleep in with your mate?  It happens.  A date enjoys the company of her mate until he sleeps over.  The sound that comes from his nose and mouth are terrible!  She tries suffocating the annoying sound by placing a pillow over her ears, bumping him in the bed, using headphones, etc.  She suggests every snoring aid known to man and none seem to work.  What is the purpose of such an awful sound coming from what appears to be a gentleman?  What demon lurks within that keeps up noise throughout the night?  He's not a cave man or a devil!  He doesn't need to scare away the lions, tigers, and bears as he sleeps!  What gives!?

For many women as the relationship grows older, they get use to their partners' snoring, but when things are relatively new, it takes time.  Talking about the issue will bring awareness, but it won't make change happen overnight.  Frequent reminders and quite possibly repeated nights of rejection to a mate's requests to sleepover, might cause him to do more about his situation.  Light sleepers and snorers will have issues.  Many couples are unaware that some of their relationship challenges are due to a lack of sleep.  A well-rested, mentally stable individual is not going to just go off, but one who hasn't slept well in days, weeks or even months will!  A light sleeper isn't going to yell or act crazy for no good reason.  Consider what is going on or not going on throughout the night.  Someone needs some sleep and a snoring partner isn't always going to understand.  He too, might experience his share of tiredness, because the loud noises that come from him will affect how well he rests through the night as well.

If the issue of lack of sleep, snoring or any other noise through the night isn't addressed in the relationship, it will only make matters worse.  In a situation like this, don't attack the individual, attack the problem.

Things you can do to possibly alleviate the problem:

1.  Set up a separate room for sleeping.

2.  Research for aids that have been known to help snorers.  Read reviews.

3.  Make a doctor's appointment.

4.  Lose the weight.

5.  Don't go to bed at the same time.  Light sleeper goes to bed first, snorer comes to bed later.

6.  Live separately.

7. Change work schedules. (ie. He works graveyard shift and she works day shift).

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire 


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