5 Things You Must Know About Relationships

If there was any relationship I must give to my audience on this blog this day, it is the following, read slowly and take heed, because it just might give you a forecast into what the future holds for you and your mate based on what you already know about your relationship.  Enjoy!

1.  Just because you have him/her doesn't mean you really have him/her.

It might seem as if the person is yours and only yours, but he or she is not.  The complexity of being a human being is comprised of many parts and you don't own any of them.  The spirit is meant to be shared not controlled.  The best thing you can do for love is let it breathe!

2.  Your independence eventually goes on sabbatical.

You may have thought that there is your world, his/her world, and together, but the longer you are in a relationship with someone, the more dependent it becomes.  If your independence means that much to you, remain single.  Otherwise face years of sorrow trying to find an independent you in something that in time matures into dependence.

3.  The past will come back to haunt you, him/her or both.

One day something will show up that you don't like from yesteryear.  Your choice: make a big deal about it, let it roll off your back, or reason like an adult and forgive.

4.  There will always be at least one who will speak up for good reason about the condition of your relationship, listen!

Whether you tell everyone about your partnership or not, (which you really shouldn't share all the details about it) the wise voice will speak that cutting truth that you don't want to face because you rather see all that is right with your partner.  Before you take offense to truth speaking, look around and see things for what they are.  Think about the future.  Save yourself some heartache and make necessary changes.

5.  Every challenge is all temporary in relationships--good, bad and ugly.  They only stick around unless you keep them around.

From a woman being beaten to a pulp to a man losing his mind for a woman, drama only lasts for awhile, but it will come to an end.  Now how long it stays, well that is all determined by you, now isn't it?

Keep your head up, your heart protected, and your feet walking when a devil of a man or woman shows up! 

Nicholl McGuire


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