Studder, Stutter, Stammer And Clutter

Do you have a studder, stutter, clutter or stammer? People who are able to speak fluently do not realise just how lucky they are. Being unable to say certain sounds or words can have a hugely negative affect on a person's confidence and can affect their whole life. Some people have even gone as far as committing suicide because they could not bare to live another day with their speech impediment.

My name is Stephen Hill and I am from England. I know what it is like to have a stutter as I suffered with this form of speech impediment for around eighteen years. Times were tough during this period of my life, I did cry many a tear and I often wondered what the future would hold. I would often ask myself certain questions:

Who would want to employ somebody who has a stutter?

What type of occupation could I carry out seen as I have a stutter?

Who would want to date somebody who has a stutter?

What if my children stutter?

How will I be able to deliver a successful grooms speech at my wedding, in front of my family and friends without making a total fool of myself?

What if I am asked to be the best man for a friend at his wedding?

Would I be able to get my words out when phoning the emergency services if there was, for example, a fire in our house or if my son became very ill?

Living life this way, with all of these questions running constantly through my brain, was no way to live. Surely somebody out there would have a solution, a cure to this frustrating stutter.

I searched high and low, I read many books, I looked on many a website but there was very little in the way of good quality stuttering therapy.

I then decided to go about finding my own cure for stuttering, it would be an interesting journey but one which ultimately lead me to achieving fluency.

Stephen Hill runs The How To Stop Stammering Centre, he has a number of websites including:


treatments for stuttering


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