How to Get Your Man to Do Something for You

You may have noticed their your relationship is in a drought these days. It seems that the more you do the less he does. Could it be because you haven't asked him to do anything for you? Could it be the way you asked him to do things for you? Could it be that you are sending your man signs that say you aren't as interested in him like you once were? Whatever the reason, you now realize you want something from your man, so how do you get it?

First, when a man tells you that they want to be appreciated, they mean it. So in order to get something from him, you need to show him some appreciation.

Next, men often complain about being nagged into doing things. If it works in your relationship then no one should tell you any different. Unfortunately, some men are programmed to only do if repeatedly asked. However, there are many more men that don't have to be told over and over again to do something,; rather they do it because they just want to make their wife or girlfriend happy. So go ahead verbally ask him and leave a note to remind him of what it is that you want from him. Add something sweet to the note like a "love you, thinking of you..."

Third, after you have made the time to ask him, most likely it hasn't been done yet. Consider whether or not you gave him a specific date, time and/or reminder. Don't be fearful of nagging him because you have to ask him again. We all forget things sometimes so don't think negatively, "You see he never listens. I shouldn't have to ask him over and over again."

Some men have heard what you said, its just the timing for them may not be right. When this happens all we can do is wait. If you force an issue, give him ultimatums, have a fit, it will only make him go into his mental cave and not come out until you have calmed down.

Lastly, if it is something that you can get someone else to do, talk to your man about it first. don't be like some women who put their hands on their hips and say, "I don't need you! I have my own money I will get it done myself!" Taking on this attitude will only make a man angry and resentful. He will keep that in mind when you want him to do something else then he will say, "You got your own money remember? Do it yourself, Ms. Independent!" Unfortunately, exercising your independence during tensed moments in the relationship will only leave you miserable and alone.

There are still men in this world who want to care for their women even if they have a funny way of showing it!

Nicholl McGuire is a Writer for various websites including: Associated Content, Ehow, Bukisa, and Helium. She is currently in a relationship and a mother.


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