Dating Advice For Men: The Void In Dating Wisdom

Relationships and dating is definitely the biggest part of our life. We talk about them without pause. They affect us emotionally more than most things in life. We get more rattled, sulky, peaceful and enlightened because of relationships.

Yet it is the area of our lives where we 'bungle' more. The area that we understand the least. You can be a high-flying professional with stellar academic and career background and still be an absolute failure when it comes to dating and relationships. This is despite spending more time talking about it... Scanning information about it... placing questions in forums about it.

Despite our best efforts and investing more time in it from birth than any other area of our lives. We are as a population less knowledgeable about this part of our life than any other. We don't have much understanding of it. We are less able to guide the outcomes of this part of our life to success, and avoid failure, as a consequence. Because we often do not know what is a right or wrong action or behavior.

The proportions of the difficulty is indicative. Based on my understanding I can state that around 20% of the knowledge that persons have about dating is real. That indicates that 20% of the knowledge they have is adequate and usable. Only 20% can help them to make good decisions vs. wicked decisions.

Why is 80% of the knowledge unsound?

1. Limited research of dating / relationships historically: Our scientists were focused on other subjects from medicine to telecoms and media.

2. No formal dating self-education: There was not any self help or formal education to turn to.. The best you got during your studies was sex education, and that was pretty futile. If you were born under a lucky star it prevented you from getting someone pregnant. There was where it reached its conclusion. Stores had books available for sale that were not helpful to you at all in your quest to educate yourself.

3. Inhibited communication of true relationship experiences: Do you tell your friends exactly what happens in your relationships? on your dates? or is it a distorted version of the truth. Visualize it. Venture into this field. Everyone is doing it.

4. Popularized confusing/ false messages about relationships: Films and media all tell the same stories. We have grown to love these stories. But there is a void.. of it is unerring. The world does not work that way. One perfect match. Real passion. Sadly it is not factual.

Check out any valid survey stats (suggestion: do not trust what an online dating service says, find independent and objective surveys) on the divorce rate, on relationship satisfaction, dating satisfaction and success rates etc. You will find them to be pretty negative in conjunction. Is it unsettling? NO.

The proof of the dating knowledge gap is staring you in the face.

The Good News: A revolution is coming. Today there is real valid research on dating and relationships coming out by the truck load. There are useful writings that are based in science. There is dating education by dating tutors who are GENUINELY successful (What a strange phenomenon!). There is dating advice for men that actually works. Getting the hang of how to succeed with women is definitely a possibility.

There is 'truth' out there to lay our hands on. You have to look beyond your buddies, beyond the locations that you traditionally used to get knowledge from - where you received your mistaken beliefs and where you acknowledged that it was unexplored. Get keyed up. Look for the truths that are growing in accessibility in a maturing market geared towards dating advice for men. There are many who are going from complete disasters to fantastic results. To fulfillment. All they are doing is staying critical, being vigilant about the teachings they acquire - and searching out the facts. They are finding sterling knowledge, taking it in, using it and 'taking the outcome of their relationships in their own hands'.

Let's light the flame within... If you haven't been successful in this meaningful part of your life. Step up. Take control. Seize the revolution and reach out to fulfillment in this essential part of your life.

See more about how the dating knowledge gap has come about. Imagine if you could meet and attract the women you wanted every time? That you knew how to succeed with women? Develop relationships that are full of life, resilient and successful? Explore dating advice for men and find the best dating advice available for men from 100s of dating coaches and authors based on reviews by real people.

By: Angel Donovan

Angel has a strong interest in the power of self development to transform individuals and organizations. He turned that focus to dating mastery in 2001.

Currently, he is the Founder and Editor of Dating Skills Review, a database of unbiased reviews of dating advice for Men.

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