How to Stop a Breakup Right Now With Confidence

We all love when our relationships are filled with fun, joy, and love. However when the relationship starts to head south we want to stick our heads in the sand and hide. Well if the relationship means anything to us we simply can't hide, we have to stand up straight and fight for our love. Might sound kind of corny but it is a time tested strategy that will work. Other than just out right fighting for her here are a few tips that will aid in finding out how to stop a break up.
1. Build Up Your Confidence: Do whatever it will take to bring on a strong healthy demeanor. No one is even going to think of taking you back if you are depressed and full of sadness. Before you even think about trying to stop a break up, go out and exercise for about a week. Get your adrenaline pumping on the inside and you will get a renewed self confidence on the inside. Take this self confidence and go talk to your girlfriend
2. Learn Your Lines: Were you ever in a school play? Well if you were I'll bet you read over and over your script to memorize your lines. You did this so you would not get up on stage, draw a blank and look like a total fool. Well it is going to be the exact same way when you talk to your girlfriend. Obviously you will not have a script but seriously try to think of what you are going to say. Have it memorized so you will not get side tracked by your emotions. If you are serious about winning back the woman of your dreams, make sure you get your words down correctly.
3. Be Secure In Your Emotions. Know is the time to let your emotions out, but try not to become a crying mess. In other words, let her know exactly how you feel about her. Do not hold anything back because you think you will feel week. remember you have already built up your self confidence and have your words picked out. Now is the time to put it all together and let her know that you want her back and she wants you. You are willing to do whatever it is going to take to win this relationship back.
In conclusion stick to your guns and do not take no for an answer, unless of course she threatens to prosecute. Hopefully we are no where near that stage in the relation, because more than likely it is a hopeless cause. However, in all seriousness, make a battle plan, and stop that break up before it becomes permanent!
By Dorothy J. Hudson


Charlotte said…
I agree with the build up your confidence part but not so you'll be taken back but so you'll be strong and ready for whatever happens.

Through my own little relationship problems the best things have come from things I've done for myself (sounds like a cliche, I know.)

Working out, going out with my friends, interesting work projects, writing - this is the stuff that makes me feel better.

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