Too Busy to Find and Keep Love

Working singles, career minded moms, busy divorced dads, you name it and someone somewhere on an Internet dating website is too involved with life to connect with people offline, so he or she believes that logging on is much easier to connect with fellow singles than attempting to find someone to date offline.  But the underlying issue remains when it comes to being too busy to do this or that.  It will come back to reveal itself sooner or later in a relationship.

For many singles, as well as new couples, they make the time getting to know their love interests, but for how long will they keep the act up?  If you didn't have much time to connect with someone offline, how much time will you have to connect online and keep connecting long after the first meeting?

The issue of busyness has destroyed many relationships.  A couple that once knew how to sit down, look at one another during conversation, and nurture the relationship, eventually burns out.  Then what?  Excuses are made.  "I'm sorry, I'm too busy to...I know you want me to talk with you more and go places together, but can't you see I'm busy?"  In time, familiarity breeds contempt and now all some have time for is two to 10 minutes of sex, a one to two hour long show, and a sixty second text conversation.  And then someone in the relationship has the audacity to say, "What happened to us?  I'm so bored...things isn't like they use to be!"

Just like it took making some sacrificing of time and energy to get that woman or man interested in one's mind, body and spirit, it will take the same amount of time and energy (if not more) to keep him or her.  How bad do you want to keep love alive?

Something to think about.

Nicholl McGuire is on YouTube channel nmenterprise7.


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