A Love Letter to Singles - Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Singles:

I would like to thank you for being who you are, single and content with discovering more about you rather than getting married, having babies, and looking for yet another person to bed.

To those who are grateful for your alone time, may God bless you!  Value the peace of going home, lying in a bed alone, reflecting in your bathroom mirror without interruption, and staying in there for as long as you want.  Enjoy those times you cook for yourself, shop for what you want, and go to work without feeling like there is someone at home disappointed with you for one reason or another.

I know you have noticed those couples who walk by holding hands, appearing to be happy, and comfortable with one another, but those moments are few for many.  Days prior, many quarreled, paid someone, and even prayed to have that much needed time to be together.

There are bills, children, in-laws, work responsibilities, and more that are in those hands that they hold.  Death of loved ones, past cheating, lying, accidents, relocation, and the birth of children bring tears to eyes when witnesses think it is nothing more than tears of joy.

One doesn't truly know what he or she is asking for when the prayer goes up for a mate.  You are saying, "Yes" to the person and all that comes with him or her.  You are saying you are ready to weather the storm.  You are choosing to love and care for someone for the rest of your life which might include loving and caring for in-laws too.

Love your singleness and embrace you!  Find the satisfaction of being alone and recognize the fact that if you have been trying to find your match for years, that there is the possibility you have been divinely set aside or set apart to live your life differently.  A mate doesn't complete you.  He or she is a mere extension to your life's journey, another person who needs what you need.  Then in time this person goes away by choice or by death.  Then you are once again single.

Enjoy freedom, walk in love, guard your heart, and most of all enjoy peace in being single.

Nicholl McGuire

Sharing spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7


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