He Loves Women Far Too Much - A Player with a Lot of Love

Wink, whisper, touch, and a flattering statement, the player with a lot of love to give is never satisfied with just one woman.  "But he wants to be with me, he told me so..." the gullible, young lady yells at all those who doubt her new boyfriend's commitment.  "See, he gave me a ring.  He told me that I am the one for him.  I trust him, you don't know what you are talking about!"

Those of us who have been on this planet far longer than we want to reveal and have had many relationships in our lifetime start to see the same types of women and men.  There are those who are all-too trusting paired up with the pimp, player, and hustler who use their charm to convince all, "That girl is my world, I love her..." Sure you do and all the other women who come in your direction too!

*                                                                                 *                                                                    *
He was a charming man, attractive, sweet, and nice to all who met him.  Handsome, mature and intelligent, he swept the young woman off her feet.  She couldn't believe he chose her when he could have any woman.  It was then that her thought made her far too trusting of that sweet snake of a man.  She talked of her wedding date.  She shared his promises with anyone willing to listen that he would take care of her and she didn't have to worry about a thing. 

As the relationship grew older, Mr. Nice Guy wasn't being so nice (see Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate).  His eyes were wandering on and offline.  He had yet to disconnect from online dating websites, "Just in case..." he reasoned.  He wasn't the least bit interested in connecting with his girlfriend's family and he could care less about a wedding day.

So the sweet, young girl, who had a lot to learn about life, continued to sing his praises, but in time she would learn like all the others who came before her that she was just another one of his lovers.  He was a player with a lot of love to give.

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