10 Signs Your Online Date Has Hidden Mental Issues

Have you been in contact with someone online that you are doubtful about meeting in person?  Could it be that you picked up on some things about this person that make you doubt whether he or she is really a match for you?  With so many people being knowledgeable when it comes to using the computer and navigating the Internet, you never know what you might find on an online dating website.  More and more people with low IQs, unattractive looks, mental and physical illnesses, and unresolved issues from the past are flocking to the web in search of love too.  So for those who are very particular about who they want to enter their lives, be on the look out for people who have all sorts of mental and physical challenges hiding their issues amongst doctored up photos, flattery, and impressive dating profiles.

How do you know your online date has some hidden mental issues they don't want you to know about?

1. This person expects you to keep him or her entertained in conversation, while he or she says very little (or the individual might be overly talkative to the point that you can't get a word in.)
2.  He or she spends time complaining or blaming an ex over things that most people wouldn't make a big deal about.
3.  Your online date seems overly serious, sensitive or often angry and one's explanation for his or her personality issues seems to make no sense.
4.  You have caught your online date in lies, half-truths, or exaggerations and you feel like he or she is often hiding some facts about his or her self.
5.  You noticed that your date doesn't talk about job, family or friends without being prompted and when he or she speaks there is never anything much to tell or far too much to say to the point that you feel uncomfortable.
6.  The online dater sends you messages that sound as if this person has taken them from a book, song, or even someone else's profile.
7.  You feel as if your date is trying to say and do all the right things to please you, but you have yet to figure out what he or she really wants with you except the obvious, sex, money or both.
8.  He or she often talks about an illness he or she is grappling with and shares some information about taking a prescription medicine, missing work, having to pay hospital bill, or some other health related concern.
9.  Your online date doesn't mention doing much else with his or her life, but going to work.
10.  Whenever you ask a personal question or one that requires using some critical thinking skills, the response is poorly written, ignorant, weird, or downright stupid.

If you notice most of these points in someone you have been talking to via the Internet, imagine what a future with this person might look like.  Will you be able to put up with the mood swings associated with his or her personality issues or physical handicap?  Are you patient when it comes to people talking slow or stuttering?  Do you exhibit self-control even when someone is having a mental fit around you?  Can you honestly say that you are a forgiving person and can you be supportive if your online date says or does something that is insulting, rude, or ugly?  What will this person really bring to your life--added happiness, peace of mind, financial support, a listening ear, love, etc.?

Take your time before you arrange to meet someone that might not be very easy to get out of your life in the future.  Think before you commit money, time, and body.

Nicholl McGuire, author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, see blog here.  Also, check out my Internet dating guide that provides helpful insight on taking it slow with online dates and being more observant offline as well.  Get free sample here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/616256


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