Crazy Sex and Relationship Issues

Is it worth it?  Having wild sex with someone who leaves you in pain, mentally confused, or downright crazy?  Sex is meant to be enjoyed between two consenting individuals who love one another.  However, oftentimes sex is nothing more than a recreational sport that leaves some people bleeding, sick, and hurting emotionally and physically.

When you find that a supposed relationship has become nothing more than sex talk, sex shows, and sex here and sex there, then it's time to take a sex break.  You might want to ask yourself, "What more do I want out of a partnership besides sex?"  Can your intimate partner advise you in the areas of spirituality, finances, employment, etc.?  Does this person really care about you and your interests?  Do you see yourself one day being married and having children with him or her?

There are young men, women, teens, and worse children who have a poor concept as to what it means to be in a healthy relationship that uplifts them emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  They fail to understand that not everyone in this world is thinking about or even having sex contrary to what you see on the television screen or on the Internet.  There is so much more to living besides having sex with someone.  The best relationships earn the title of being "wonderful, great, good" because two people have their priorities in their proper place (and I must add are mature).  Having good communication, a steady income, goal-setting, and more are far more important than how often a couple has sex and where they do it.

For many couples, they have had less issues with partners when they didn't have sex so frequently.  They became less jealous, angry, controlling, and sad because they didn't feel the pressure to have to give everything to someone who they may or may not be convinced he or she would indeed handle them with care.  Think about this, a young person giving up time, money, possessions, and his or her body to an individual who cheats, lies, curses, and abuses them.  For most of us, we would say, "That's sad...Why would he/she do it?"  But the truth of the matter, many people have done just that!  This is why so many are divorced.  They prematurely gave everything for nothing.  They didn't bother to put the brakes on when it came to intimacy and allow feelings to grow in time.  They falsely assumed that the person smiling back at them cared about them just as much.  Days, weeks, or even months later, they learned the hard way when they would see a lover looking at other men/women, having sex with others, lying/covering up whereabouts, and often name-calling or cursing them.

So take a moment and reflect on your relationship and your future.  Break from sex and see whether you and your significant can have a partnership without such an emphasis on love-making.  For some of you reading this, you just might find out that all that glitters really isn't gold.

Nicholl McGuire

Note:  If you are a child reading this and are engaging in sex with an adult, know that you are being abused.  The adult is mentally sick and needs help.  You have a right to protect your body.  Get help and break free from abuse!  Visit Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and see child abuse.


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